Q: Who’s eligible for Invisalign Teen?
A: Invisalign Teen treatment can be used for patients who have erupting or erupted permanent dentition. This includes most teens. Ask your dental practitioner to see if you qualify to start treatment today.


Q: How long does Invisalign Teen treatment take?
A: The length of treatment depends on the severity of your case and can only be determined by your dental practitioner; however, the average case takes about 9-18 months.


Q: Does Invisalign really work?
A: Yes. In practices worldwide, Invisalign has been effective at straightening teeth for teens and adults. Over 60,000 practitioners have already treated more than 1.6 million people with Invisalign worldwide.


Q: What are some other advantages of Invisalign Teen over traditional braces?
A: In addition to continued and in some cases improved oral hygiene, an active lifestyle is made simpler when wearing Invisalign Teen, as opposed to the fixed wire and brackets. Since the device is removable, it is easy for you to play sports, an instrument and generally live your life as you would normally.


Q: Is Invisalign as effective as traditional braces?
A: In the hands of a skilled practitioner and when worn according to your dental practitioner’s recommendation, Invisalign Teen is as effective as traditional braces for most types of treatment.


Q: What happens if the aligners are not worn for the recommended amount of time?
A: Invisalign Teen is most effective when worn according to your dental practitioner’s recommendation. Overall, we find the aligners are most effective if worn 20 to 22 hours per dayand changed every two weeks or per your dental practitioner’s recommendation – and removed only for eating, brushing, and flossing.


Q: What happens if you lose one or both of your aligners?
A: In the event that an aligner is lost, you should inform your dental practitioner right away. Dependent on your treatment progress, your dental practitioner may tell you to go back and wear the previous set of aligners and will then order a new set of aligners to replace the ones that were lost or have you move to the next set of aligners immediately.


Q: How much time will you spend in/at your visits?
A: Invisalign Teen often requires less time with the dental practitioner. After the initial appointment, follow-up appointments are usually scheduled every four to six weeks (or as your dental practitioner recommends) to check on progress and to provide you with the next sets of aligners.


Q: Is it easy to keep your teeth clean with Invisalign Teen?
A: Yes! Invisalign Teen allows you to remove the aligners for eating or brushing your teeth, so it is much easier to maintain proper oral hygiene with the product than it is with traditional metal braces. Best of all, food will not get caught on any fixed brackets and wires, since Invisalign is removable and wire-free! Studies have shown the oral health benefits of using Invisalign.


Q: If you are 18 years old, should you use Invisalign or Invisalign Teen?
A: Ask your dental practitioner when deciding between the two options. Although you may be a suitable candidate for other Invisalign products, you may benefit from some of the new feature that Invisalign Teen system offers.