Dentists are constantly faced with the challenge of regaining space right after the permanent maxillary initial molars have mesialized due to premature extraction or exfoliation of the deciduous second molars. With this occasion, a Class II molar relationship may possibly result.

When gaining space or distal movement of the permanent maxillary very first molars is needed, a single of the a lot of appliances that can be utilized is the pendulum appliance.

It consists of an acrylic Nance button for anchorage. Wires are extended from the acrylic and bonded to the very first and second premolars or 1st and second deciduous molars for stability. Helical springs made of .032 TMA wire extends from the distal aspect of the acrylic and are inserted to the lingual sheath of the bands on the permanent maxillary first molars. When activated, it delivers a force of 200-250 grams per side and make a swinging arc motion, hence the name &#8220Pendulum&#8220.

Distal Molar Movement with Pendulum Appliance &#8211
by Dr. Erlene Joy C. Go

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