The Farrell Bent Wire Program has been designed in response to the require for combined myofunctional and orthodontic / orthopedic remedy. The trainer program combined with the Farrell Bent Wire Program are used for simultaneous arch development and treatment of myofunctional habits. The bent wire technique is a fixed appliance can be combined with fixed brackets and the trainer for brackets t4b, allowing a seamless integration from arch development, into complete fixed brackets, even though continuing myofunctional training.

The compliance problems of phase a single variety appliances are eliminated. There&#8217s no want for laboratory construction of the bws &#8211 it can be completely performed in workplace without need to have for a laboratory technician.

For much more information on the greatest achievable Therapy for your Orthodontic situation, please seek advice from your Dentist. “There is no online material nor web site that can substitute for skilled guidance.”

Farrell Bent Wire Method (BWS) by Dr. Claudina E Lagman

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