Headgear remains the only established appliance capable of restricting growth of the maxilla in Skeletal Class II patients withprognathic maxilla. 1 principal benefit of this appliance is its capacity to be utilised along with Complete Orthodontic Treatment, not only for its orthopedic effect but also for molar distalization and for reinforcement of anchorage.

Possibly, the only drawback is that it is an extraoral appliance. There are three sorts of headgear based on the direction of pull: Occipital pull or High-pull cervical pull or low-pull and mixture pull or straight-pull headgears. The choice would depende on what extra effect we may want from the headgear like intrusion or extrusion or if we want a pure distalization.

The usual prescription of headgear put on for orthopedic impact is 12 &#8211 16 oz, with direction of pull via the center of resistance of the maxilla, typically close to the apices of the very first molar, 10 &#8211 12 hours per day.

For far more details on the finest feasible Remedy for your Orthodontic situation, please seek advice from your Dentist. “There is no on-line material nor site that can substitute for specialist assistance.”

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