ADA and ADA Foundation efforts underway to provide Typhoon Haiyan relief

The ADA and the ADA Foundation have plans in place to support disaster relief in the Philippines for dentists and members of the dental community adversely affected by Typhoon Haiyan, which struck Nov. 8.

In a Nov. 18 letter to Dr. Fernando M. Fernandez, president of the Philippine Dental Association, ADA Executive Director Dr. Kathleen O’Loughlin expressed the concern of the ADA and asked that the Association be kept abreast of immediate needs for dental services and personnel, the status of the dental community and how oral health services have been affected by the disaster.

“It is in times of great need that organizations need to come together to strengthen and rebuild what has been lost. Your colleagues in the United States are thinking about your country and hope to hear from you in the near future,” Dr. O’Loughlin wrote.

The ADA Foundation is accepting donations to help disaster relief efforts in the Philippines, specifically for dentists and others providing dental care in the aftermath Typhoon Haiyan. The Foundation will combine donations and make a grant to the ADA’s Division of Global Affairs, which will identify and work with a reputable nonprofit to distribute the funds appropriately to serve the greatest need. The ADA Foundation is not accepting applications for individual grants related to Typhoon Haiyan.
Donations may be made online or by sending a check to ADA Foundation, 
211 E. Chicago Ave., Suite 2100, 
Chicago, IL 60611. For Typhoon Haiyan relief, write “Philippines” in the memo field of remitted checks. Funds not used for Typhoon Haiyan relief will be used for future international disaster relief purposes. – Full Feed with Link Strip – ADA Blog

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