Association of Philippine Orthodontists 3RD APO Basic MEETING
(Open to non-APO members)
June 5 2013
7:30 &#8211 11:30

Orthodontic Management in Relation to other Disciplines:
Orthognathic Surgery: Where are we at?
Periodontal Considerations in Orthodontic Remedy

WHO: Dr. Charles Sia (Orthognathic Surgery)
Dr. Antolin Serraon (Periodontics)

Exactly where: SOLAIRE RESORT
WHEN: JUNE five, 2013 (Wednesday)

Please note:
1. SOLAIRE Resort is accessible from Macapagal Boulevard, address 1 Solaire Boulevard Entertainment City Manila Bay Manila Philippines. Shuttle is accessible from MOA.

2. This is a half day seminar on Surgery and Periodontics in relation to Orthodontic treatment. Buffet Breakfast starts at 7:30AM, Meeting suitable at eight:30 AM.

three. Pre-registration deadline is May 29, 2013. Confirmations made after this date will be treated as On-website Registration.

Pre-registration fee: APO P1,000
NON-APO P1,200
Onsite: APO P1,200
NON-APO P1,500

4. You can spend thru money or verify payable to APO and deposit to APO Operating Account Metrobank Acct # 3433343511176. Please kindly fax you deposit slip with your name to 6389245
or e-mail scanned deposit slip to apo20132014[at]gmail.com.

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