Exposure of Upper Incisors

In facial esthetics, the upper incisors are straight related to the upper lip in relation to critical aspects, such as the length of the upper lip, teeth size, intrusion extrusion leve and vertical development of the maxilla.

In resting position and below standard circumstances, depending on the size of teeth, the maxillary incisors should be exposed some two mm or three mm in relation to the upper lip stomion.

The exposure of the incisors at the end of ortho therapy is as critical as the position of structures, upper lip, lower lip and soft menton.

1 of the major signs of facial aging is the falling of facial tissues , such as the upper lip covering the upper incisors lowering the exposure of upper incisors.

The opposite takes location in the lower. As the patient gets older, the mandibular incisors will bemore exposed.

Characteristics of &#8220aging&#8221 may possibly be delayed by implies of a very good orthodontic organizing.

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